Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sea Urchins

I saw this image on one of my searches for "sea party" stuff and saved the image in my inspiration folder. I thought it was such a fun way to play up both a color scheme and the water theme. I already have a few clear containers for party displays. I looked online for the squishy textured toys , but found that most of them are sold as learning tools for the developmentally delayed. As such, these specialized tools go for $5-$10 each depending on size, making this a very pricey display. This next picture shows two lucky finds for the party. I stumbled on the four plastic clam shell bowls at Goodwill and happily paid fifty cents for each. Then, check out the sea urchins I found at Walgreens. Who would have guessed Walgreens toy area would have exactly what I was looking for in exactly the colors I wanted?
Well, not EXACTLY what I was looking for! The Walgreens toys have EYES! But notice that price tag. The day I saw them there was a sign nearby that said buy two get one free! $4 for 3? For that price I can carefully display them so that party guests look at them....not the other way around!

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