Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Not running away with the circus.... YET!

I started a trapeze class on Monday! I was super excited about the "idea" of a trapeze class. I suppose I am still excited about my little adventure before summer, but now the reality of trapeze has set in. My hands and backs of my knees are on their way to becoming nicely bruised and the rowing calluses I have tried to get rid of for 15 years are back with a vengeance. I suppose it could have been worse. OK, actually, it SHOULD have been worse. The fact is I am not nearly as bruised as the other girls in the class, because I couldn't master the first move, flipping your legs into the air and grabbing the bar with your foot. They all struggled a little at first and then went on to other positions on the bar.

I, on the other hand, kicked and grunted and struggled and could not do it, which meant that I couldn't do ANY of it! You have to get a foot on the bar before you can move into this lovely seated position. All of it requires tons of arm and stomach strength, of which I am greatly lacking. I did get into this position twice, both times requiring the instructor to practically lift my lower body several feet in the air and up to the bar. So embarrassing. I have been asked to work on my core strength (abdominal muscles, etc.) but that is only part of the issue.

I am having some trouble just flipping my legs up, regardless of their weight or my lack of strength. I want to look at the bar where my feet are supposed to be going. Apparently for your legs to go up, your head must go back, so you are kicking blind and trying to land on the bar. I see little kids do it everyday at the playground. It shouldn't be that hard! I am sure I am over thinking it, but once I struggle with something physical I start to panic and over think it and the stress snowball starts to roll. I am working on it. Mostly I am hoping if I can get in a LOT of ab work this week, that I will find it suddenly easier to get on the bar, physically if not mentally.

Hopefully next week I can feel more like this woman. Interestingly enough, the artist painted her to be close to my size. I can tell you from experience, the skinny girls have it a little easier lifting a smaller weight up onto the bar. I envision that, like me, the woman above had to heft a little to get into that seated position, but I like that she is giving herself time to enjoy the view. I'll have to remember that!

Even if I struggle for the next 5 classes, I am trying to remember that this is supposed to be fun! If nothing else, it will be a unique way to get into better physical shape.

Finally, here are a few pictures of my favorite aerial artist!

These were taken the week that Lydia turned one, back when she was just discovering the swing. She wasn't so sure about it at first, but very quickly fell in love with going higher and faster.

Now she is pestering me to hang from the chin up bar that I am using to increase my arm strength. Just wait until she sees me actually get on that trapeze!

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