Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Easter Egg Hunt

Lydia was super excited to go to the big Easter Egg hunt at our church.

She wore her bunny ears, showed her friend Gabby around, and even got to hold a candle during the short service for the kids.

She held Auntie's hand and yelled "don't run" to the bigger kids.

She looked.

And looked.

And managed to get a few eggs into the basket.Then it was time to open up the eggs and enjoy the treats. Lydia can now open the wrappers to most of her candies all by herself and this was the first year she got to eat her chocolate, due to her earlier issues with dairy. The sad news for this Easter season is that Lydia's Hamster Dance card (outrageously obnoxious) finally died after 3 Easters of near constant play. I was hoping I could toss it and she would forget about it, but this morning she asked where it was. When I told her it was broken, she asked where her NEW hamster card is?!?

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