Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hoppy Easter

I saw these adorable felted wool finger puppets on a blog and really wanted to try and make some animals for Lydia's Easter basket. I didn't even read the directions before buying wool roving at the craft store. Luckily it is pretty easy to do. I had visions of making lots of different animals, so I bought tons of colors (Hobby Lobby sells a 2 color pack of wool roving for $2). I decided my first animal should be a bunny.

I just pulled of some wool (kind of like loose cotton candy) and wrapped it around my finger. Then you add warm soapy water and kind of scrub it until the fibers mesh and it gets "felted". I was really happy that I was able to kind of sculpt a little bunny face and very proud of my felted ears.
It was all pretty quick and fun, so I made 3 in one night. I think the first one, on the left has the best features, but don't tell the other bunnies I said that!

They even got little round bunny tails on their little bunny bottoms!

I had to wait for them to dry overnight ( and then had to wait to find more time) to eventually stitch on a little bunny face. I am in the process of making a duck and a lion, which may or may not be finished before Easter. I sure hope a certain some-bunny likes them!

Until I give them to her, here are a few pictures of Lydia as a baby bunny. Enjoy and Hoppy Easter!

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