Monday, April 18, 2011

Saturday Sewing

I actually got to sew a little on Saturday!!! It helped that I had a deadline assignment type thing going on. I bought Lydia her 3rd (yes, you heard that right) Easter dress at the big consignment sale last week. I just couldn't decide which dress (of the original 2 Easter dresses) I liked best. I couldn't find shoes I liked to go with either at the big sale. Then I saw this really cute dress and decided I could get really excited about it and I was already buying shoes that matched it and it was a done deal. (Don't worry. The silk Gymboree dress I found at Goodwill and the other dress I bought at consignment last year will find loving homes or be sold at consignment soon) I decided Lydia needed a few accessories for her Easter attire and set about making these floral decorations, similar to something I saw on a high end expensive outfit. I made two big ones (shown here) and one more small one. I will put a big and a small on the sash of her dress and then one more big one can go in her hair or on her Easter bonnet if she agrees to wear it. If it is cold, one can get moved to the outside of a little cardigan sweater instead.
Basically, I started with strips of fabric. I used some cotton and some ribbon and decided to cut it all with pinking shears for the effect. I put fray check on the edges to keep it from fraying. then I sewed a gathering stitch on the other edge and pulled them to gather. Most of the time I didn't even have to know how long to make it. I just started gathering until it made a circle. I made several, stacked them, and used a button to hide the middle.
I am really happy with how it all turned out, but want to wait until Easter to show it off. Until then, here is a picture we took this Sunday of Lydia at church.

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