Monday, March 28, 2011


So, last week I made my Wednesday post all about entering contests and finding free stuff on blogs. I mentioned a giveaway on Just Something I Made that had barely been announced and wasn't even taking entries until the end of the week. I waited until this weekend and was #877 out of 1041 entries and right now, this key chain (which is a part of my winnings) pretty much sums up how I am feeling. I am one of 3 lucky ladies to win a bag full of crafting swag!!! Cathe Holden, the generous genius behind Just Something I Made, plans a scrap booking retreat each year for a dozen people. This year she made a point to get 15 swag bags and give away the extras on her website. She spent 5 blog posts, spread out over the entire week, tantalizing readers with the particulars of the swag. You can read full reviews and find links to the wonderful sponsors here, here, here, here, and here. Let's start with the bag for all the swag. Not just ANY bag. An AMAZING Extra Large Lands End canvas tote bag. SCORE! But wait, there's more. Here are all of the things that will be inside my bad.

I get one of these fun retro spiral bound journals!

I get a corner punch, 4 fun edge scissors, and some new kind of craft knife all from X-Acto.

I get 3 different colors of stick on pearls and one of these blinged out swirls from Want 2 Scrap.

I get a package of vintage ephemera. I am not sure if I get exactly what is shown here. I am betting not, since ephemera is by its nature unique. I am probably the most excited about opening this package up. I LOVE old stuff!
Each bag has one of these adorable WOOD tags and a custom Cathe Holden ruler made by the same company.Very cute!

I get one magazine from the stack shown above.
I get each item pictured above. I don't have a CLUE what they do but I am willing to find out!
I get one of these contraptions. Something about not spilling your drink when you are crafting and having a place to throw your scraps. How many times do you think I will throw my scraps IN my drink?!?
I get one bottle of chalkboard paint.
I get a few bottles of EXTREME glitter.
I get one of the magazines pictured above.
Another bag, this one is the eco friendly grocery variety.
A Modge Podge sampler kit? Who knew there was more than ONE kind? Sign me up!
A 12x12 album.
Some Super Magnets, that are extremely strong, and apparently NOT for children! I think they have super sticky sticker sides.
A pair of travel slippers.
A felt flower embellishment.
This punch matches these little clear plastic buttons, so that you can layer them to have the look of really fancy buttons. I don't think you can use them on fabric, but I think they sound neat.

I get one of the paper packs in the above pictures.
And finally, one MORE bag!

I am tired just WRITING about all the loot. I can't imagine hauling it in from the mail!!!!

Thanks Cathe and I hope you all had a Happy, Happy Monday! I sure did!

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