Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sleeping Space in the Sunroom

Last summer I posted about making a new bed spread for the day bed in our vintage circus themed nursery. As a reminder, below is the daybed before the makeover and after.

It was a big improvement, but the daybed was hidden away in Joshua's nursery. This made it helpful as an extra bed if the baby was fussy or when more than one member of our family was sick and the only healthy grown up needed a germ free bed. However, the daybed is our ONLY extra bed, so it is also our default guest bed making its location in Joshua's room less than ideal.

I had always wanted a guest sleeping area in our new sunroom, but wasn't sure how it would all come together. I was open to anything and searching Craigslist for all manner of couches, sleeper sofas and wicker sets.

When I found a matched set of SEVEN really nice wicker pieces in my price range I jumped at the deal. They have the relaxed feeling I was after and, after a lifetime of piecing together thrifted furniture, I really like that this is a set.

I also cane to appreciate how light weight the wicker is, as I couldn't seem to find an arrangement that I liked. Every time I sat down to relax, I ended up completely rearranging the entire room!

With so many wicker pieces filling the new room, I had resigned myself to the idea that the sunroom just wouldn't hold a piece of furniture to sleep on. And yet, I couldn't quite find an arrangement that worked. On a whim, and with the understanding that I might have to reverse course and put everything back, I took apart the big wooden daybed and hailed the pieces downstairs.

After struggling to disassemble, move, and reassemble the big heavy bed (by myself) I was happy to leave it in the sunroom, and not just because I don't want to do all that work again! I LOVE having something larger than a couch in this room.

Routinely, both kids and myself end up on the daybed while lounging around or playing games.

Should we choose to watch TV, it is nice to stretch out on something a lot more comfy than a wicker love seat.

And, should we have guests, they will have a place to sleep that doesn't include a crying baby in the nursery. Of course the rest if us are enjoying hanging out in the sunroom so much, we might cry a little to have to leave it should a guest visit!


Nida Eisner said...

love the transformation of your day bed, by the way, especially the fabric and color choice. The rattan furniture look great too. I think you don't have to add more fixtures in the room. It will be better if you keep it that way. It's good to have space for the kids.

Nida Eisner @ All County Exteriors

John Gwaltney said...

Perfect place for the bed, Cheryl. Your sunroom is kinda spacious, and it's perfect for welcoming guests. This day bed can be an additional couch for your visitors, or you can sleep in it when you're in full house. I hope you manage to maintain the adorable look of the bed. And of the sunroom, of course. :)

John Gwaltney @