Monday, March 11, 2013

Adding Easter Dress DIY Details

Like many of my own wardrobe choices, the decision of what Lydia should wear for Easter this year began with a pair of shoes.  I actually bought this beautiful embroidered grey pair of shoe when Lydia was a BABY! (I know, I'm not normal, but these are some pretty GREAT shoes!) 
I had them stashed away in a closet and had forgotten all about them (its only been 4 years!) when Lydia found them and noticed that they were her size!  She was in love with the shoes and wanted to wear them right away.  I asked her to wait and promised we would find an Easter dress that matched them. 
I had been looking, unsuccessfully, for a few weeks when I saw this pale pink poofy dress at Target.  It is a very pretty dress and I knew that Lydia would LOVE it, but it was a little plain for my taste.  I was hoping to find a dress with some hints of pink, grey, and green similar to the shoes.  Since I couldn't find a dress with the embellishment that I wanted, I decided to buy the plain dress and add my own.
I had big ideas for making a sash and adding flowers and lace, but in the end (and thanks to my dawning realization that 2 kids leaves me very little time for crafting) the simplest solution proved to be the best.  I found some stunning silver lace and simply sewed it to the existing waist band on the dress. 
 I am SO happy with the added detail and the way that the lace makes the flower details on the front of the dress stand out.  Lydia loves EVERYTHING about the outfit. (She also loves making silly faces and the pose above was all her idea!)
She feels like a princess in this dress and the silver lace is the icing on this pink poofy cake!

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