Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

My mom took the kids for a slumber party!! I am enjoying an adult beverage, a thin crusted pizza, and the contents of Joshua's (too young to notice or care) Easter basket!  I am also beginning detailed comparisons of all the various options for Lydia's education.  We have three options fr Kindergarden (she got into the honors magnet school :), could stay at the private school where she is currently, or go to the neighborhood school) Each of these schools leads to a different possibility for middle and then high school, so I am comparing ALL of the schools in question because we were just told that we need a decision for the magnet school by FRIDAY!!!!! Ugh!  I was hoping to have more time.  While I stare at numbers an test scores, you can stare at the Easter pictures of the kids. Enjoy! 

Happy Easter!