Friday, April 5, 2013

Chalk Walk Competition Preparation

About a year after Craft Wars, Team Burchett is preparing for another crafty competition. We have entered the family category if the Dogwood Arts Festival Chalk Walk.

For years I have wanted to take Lydia downtown to see the chalk artists work away in Market Square. We came close to going last year and then it poured down rain and we reconsidered.

So we are entering this competition and we have never even seen the competition before. Add to it that this week has been too hectic to plan our submission and its getting a little worrisome! Oh and did I mention that our design has to include areas that our four year old can draw! My thought is to do something where a part of the picture is intended to be childish, like a sleeping child and the dreams are a child's drawing or a child holding up a paper with their drawings on it.

I'll be sure to take lots of pictures of whatever we come up with, but if you want to see the real thing come find us at the Chalk Walk on Saturday. I'm hoping we can start early and finish before nap time. Wish us luck!

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