Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ribbon Trim on an Adorable (but controversial) Dress

My daughter and I often have "creative differences". Lately, the disputes have been over her cloths. I just bought her summer outfits at the big consignment sale in town and she isn't as excited as I am about her new wardrobe. The problem is the color pallet. I have started buying her more pink but its mixed with a good amount of brown.

I asked her what was off limits and had to promise to stop buying her brown, black, and grey because those were (in her opinion) boy colors. Blue is allowed because Cinderella wears blue but white (according to my four year old) should only be worn on wedding dresses. I had to pinky promise to change my ways in order to get her to pinky promise to wear the things we already own.

And that brings us to this lovely dress. The dress that I splurged on because it had such cute scenes if Paris on it. The dress that I considered mostly pink, but that Lydia quickly pointed out had too much black!

Good thing she had already agreed to wear the stuff we already owned, but I wanted her to really love this dress, so I took it over to the studio and pulled out my ribbon stash.

A few quick machine stitches and the black binding had a pink ribbon accent. I don't know if I get creative mommy points for this solution or if I'm a sucker for giving in to a four year old fashionista! Either way, I fear this is only the beginning, but at least we will be well dressed for the battles to come!


Katie Harris said...

I adore that dress! You find the cutest things. I never have good luck finding clothes for Conrad.

Cheryl Burchett said...

Thanks! Now that I have a boy too, I totally understand!