Friday, April 26, 2013


Lets blame this re-purposing post on the fact that my son has been sick for over a week. He's been up half the night, night after night, and I'm getting a bit loopy.

Anyways, my AP Art History students needed to take a practice test and, since it was multiple choice, I gave them an answer sheet to bubble in. It was only AFTER they finished that I realized I could have saved myself a LOT of time grading by actually using a scan-tron form and letting a machine do the work for me. Oh well! I was just settling in to grade each test by hand when a friend suggested a grading template. This seems so quirky, but if you find yourself in a similar situation, here's a solution.

I got a screw (a nail might have been easier, but work with what you've got) and a copy of the answer sheet. I pushed a hole through each of the correct areas on the bubble-in form. Then I laid the template on top of a test and touched a marker to each hole.

When I removed the template, I could easily see if the marks matched (right answer) or not (wrong answer). It still would have been faster with a machine, but this was easier for the kids to see which questions they missed, so it might be better after all.

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