Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Progress in the Sunroom

Easter is just around the corner, and that means its time to finish a few projects around the house before the family comes over for Easter dinner and possibly a wheel barrow race!

The sunroom is now a bit sunnier thanks to some yellow paint and a extra sweet paint helper.

The floors are getting covered in a laminate version of cork flooring. It is a good match to the color of the wood floors in the rest of the house, without actually having to match the flooring completely.

The pieces snap together so easily, it didn't take much time to get a lot covered.

We're not quite done yet, but it is so close, we are enjoying it already. I found some wicker furniture on Craigslist and couldn't resist setting up a few pieces on the finished side of the room.

Joshua wasn't about to sit, though! He celebrated the new floor by showing off his new ability to stand on his own! He is SO proud of himself! He cant pull himself up to a stand and he cant go anywhere or do anything once he is there, but he sure is enjoying the new view!

He also seems to have a tiny tooth that has broken the surface and I am determined to work with him next week (my spring break) to sleep longer in his own bed. (Fingers crossed that recent sleep issues might just be the side effect of teething!)

There are also new curtains to hang, Easter outfits to finish, cushions to cover, and new wicker furniture to re-arrange, and with that sleep training issue, there will probably be a few well timed naps on my schedule! I'll keep you posted, if I'm not too exhausted!


Ryann Hoyer said...
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Ryann Hoyer said...

You did really well in considering the existing designs of the house for the sunroom's floor design. It is absolutely charming that the overall house flooring is following a single scheme, but not in a totally monotone manner. It's a subtle trick for striking simplicity. Ryann @Yancey

Aldo Finney said...

Everything adds up to its now cozy ambiance. I have really nothing much to say about it other than you might as well turn it into a child-friendly room. Lessen the sharp edges and go for more smooth corners. Aldo@ Jacob Sunroom & Exteriors

Nida Eisner said...

It seems that everybody wants to make this sunroom a happy place for the whole family. I can feel your determination to come up with a wonderful sunroom. The kids were also involvesd in this remodeling project too. That was nice! So how was the room now? Well, it was spacious enough that it can also be a kids' playroom! :)
Nida Eisner @ All County Exteriors