Monday, August 6, 2012

Craft Wars Inspired Day Bed Makeover

Last week's episode of Craft Wars found the contestants designing a bedroom using the mystery ingredient, zippers. I only had one day to work on an "inspired by" craft and had zero extra zippers laying around.

What I did have was a very messy day bed! We bought this bed when Lydia moved out of the crib and into what, up until that moment, had been our guest bed. The day bed was a great deal on Craigslist and, some day, it will move into the new addition we are constructing. But for now, it has been shoved into the nursery. Not having a permanent home yet, it also didn't get much thought in terms of its covers... And it shows!

For now, the day bed sits opposite our beautiful vintage circus crib. Now that there is a baby occupying the nursery again, I really wanted to make a bedspread for the day bed to help it look more like a cohesive part of this room.

If you haven't tackled a bedspread, they aren't that difficult. Most are just a large rectangle, with the most difficult part being the large size. This bed is a twin, so one width of my fabric fit the width of the mattress and that is where I started. I cut a piece of fabric just a tiny bit larger than the top of the mattress.

Next, I cut a long rectangle band that was as tall as the mattress was thick and long enough the sew it to three of the sides of my initial rectangle. (I am leaving one end of the bedspread open to make it easier to sleep under when needed) My fabric wasn't long enough so I had to cut a couple of long rectangle pieces, sew them to make a really long rectangle, and then sew them to the top piece.

I made another long rectangle to be the skirt of the bedspread. I sewed it to the bottom edge of the first long rectangle and the bedspread was essentially finished. It isn't lined at this point, but when I do that I will just repeat the same process and then sew the outside and the inside lining together.

I didn't want all the messy throw pillows on the day bed, but it needed something to create more of a couch feeling. I had just enough fabric to make three small pillows for the back of the bed. I think I only have three hours invested in the sewing of this project, which makes it definitely worthy of a Craft Wars challenge! More importantly, I now have a beautiful day bed worthy of our vintage circus nursery!

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  1. Add to the links Angela Daniel cute up cycled lampshade!

  2. I like what you did with this.

  3. Beautiful thanks for sharing and for the chance to win

    1. Sorry for any confusion. The contest post was just listed. For an opportunity to win the Craft Wars contest sponsored by Cathie Filian, please go to the Craft Wars contest post on August 19th.

  4. My next project is a piece of Hardanger embroidery which I have never done before.