Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sibling Portraits

 We went back to JC Penney's Portrait Studio again today!  We were in the studio last week for Joshua's newborn portraits.  I was supposed to take Lydia in for her birthday pictures in early July, but Joshua's early birth changed those plans.  As long as we were rescheduling the birthday photos, I brought along a change of clothing (OK, I totally forgot the extra outfit and had to buy a new white shirt and skirt at Penney's) and had some sibling pictures taken. Unlike our usual photo sessions, these did not require any extra props.  I did search the internet and found a few poses that I liked to suggest to the photographer.  I am SO in love with these photos.  I won't even try to comment on them.  I'm speechless (and head over heals in love with my kids)!

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