Sunday, August 5, 2012

Safety City

Growing up, I remember my mom taking us kids to a "safety town" where we learned all about traffic signs by driving pedal cars around kid sized buildings. I was aware that our city had one, but just learned that in the summer there are a few days when it is open to the public.

By the time I felt organized and recovered enough to venture out with Lydia and baby, our Safety City was about to have its LAST public day of the summer. It was crowded, but I am SO glad we made it!

The "town" is full of miniature versions of Knoxville businesses and landmarks, including a small sized Sunspere!

Because we have a gravel driveway at our house, Lydia doesn't get a lot of time to practice on her bike. She also hasn't had many reasons to learn the rules of "driving" on a real road with stop signs, red lights, and intersections.

When we arrived, I had that realization that I might need to follow her and help her. To her credit, Lydia had other plans! She took off and told me "No Grownups!"

No Grownups, that is, until she needed a drink and her shoe tied!

Thanks Safety City for a really fun day! See you next year!

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