Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Summer of The Sound of Music

Last spring, my mom took Lydia to see The Sound of Music at The Cumberland County Playhouse. Since then, she has become a little obsessed with the show.  My mom has it on DVD and so whenever Lydia stays at my mom's place, she usually wants to hear a few of her favorite songs.  This summer, with my parents driving to Tennessee for an extended stay in anticipation of Joshua's arrival, Lydia has gotten to stay with my mom a lot. Consequently, she has been listening to her favorite songs from The Sound of Music a lot.  She can sing large sections of My Favorite Things, The Lonely Goat Herd, and 16 Going on 17, but her all time FAVORITE song so far has been So Long, Farewell.

I will often hear her singing it in the car or while playing in her room. If I ask her to sing it for anyone, though, she clams up and acts shy.  This morning she started singing it before we left for preschool. She was standing near the stairs and so it wasn't long before she started acting out the song and running up them each time one of the kids says good night.  I was caught completely unprepared for the show and ran to get my camera for the last verse.  Lydia decided to start again from the beginning! (OK, she MAY have been stalling on leaving for school) I decided that I didn't care if we were late.  It was so stinking cute and I am so glad I got it on tape.. or phone.. whatever!  There should be a link to the video below, Enjoy!

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Katie Harris said...

That was the cutest thing in the history of ever!