Thursday, December 1, 2011

Make Up Make Over

My Pink Papaya make-up order (from the party I hosted) has arrived!  I am SO excited about one particular product that I wanted to share what I got.... and what I have done to CUSTOMIZE what I got.
This is the standard Pink Papaya six well makeup palette. It is designed to hold a large object, like a foundation, two medium objects, like blush, and three small objects, like eye shadow.
What I love about this product is they designed it so that the divider is removable, making the pallet completely customizable!!!  The make up pans are all magnetic, so you can arrange them how ever you want and they stay in place.  For a long time I used the Mary Kay make up palette and really liked that it held my blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick.  Unfortunately, they changed the shape of the Mary Kay palette and my old eye shadows (oval on one end) no longer fit.  I eventually bought the newer Mary Kay palette with the rectangle shaped  pieces.  I realized that the new Mary Kay shadows were also magnetic!  So I didn't have to completely replace anything.  I simply moved my Mary Kay magnetic products into the customizable Pink Papaya case.  I bought a Pink Papaya foundation (since MK didn't fit foundation in their pallet) and ordered one shade of eye shadow to replace one that is almost out.
And then I noticed all the pretty eyeshadow colors in the old Mary Kay palette shape.  They are plastic and not magnetic.  They were a little too thick for my new palette.  They have been collecting dust for years because they didn't fit in any system anymore.  Then I had an idea.
When I looked really close, there seemed to be a metal rim inside the plastic part.
I decided I could attempt popping the metal part out of the plastic with a pair of tweezers. If it broke the shadow, I figured I wasn't really using these colors anyway.
I was able to push the tweezers in just the tiniest little bit.
Then I could use my finger to pull the shadow out of the plastic case.
Now that they were separate, the eye shadow would be thin enough to fit in my new make up palette.
There was a little sticky gunk on the back of the shadow that needed to be wiped off the back before I placed it in my palette.  These are not magnetic, but if I placed them so that a magnetic object was on the side of these, then it didn't matter.
One final adjustment.  Pink Papaya sells some beautiful brushes, but they are expensive and they take up a LOT of room in the palette.  I found this travel set of brushes at Target.  They are thin and short and perfect for my needs.
And here is my finished make up kit, all made over and ready to start my day.  It holds everything I need except for eye and brow liner and lip stick and it is totally customized to my needs.  This morning I woke up late and it was so easy to grab this one kit and do my face in Lydia's bathroom while she brushed her teeth and got dressed.

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