Friday, December 2, 2011

Sort of Simple Snowmen!

I had been told that Lydia's school was doing some sort of Christmas program/party on Friday night.  It had sort of slipped my mind, but wasn't a big deal because the event is right at the time I would be picking Lydia up that day.  Only then the lady starts mentioning the home made cookies we are each supposed to bring... with a recipe!  Apparently the "event" is a cookie exchange and I only had one evening, with about an hour and a half to find a recipe, buy groceries, and make something.  Enter Pinterest with the perfect idea!

I called my sister on my way home from work and she looked up a few quick holiday cookie ideas.  We settled on doughnut snowmen because they only required 3 ingredients, they only required one step in assembling, and then a little decorating.
You start with those miniature powdered doughnuts.

Then insert one candy corn into the center of each doughnut, for the carrot nose.  I was worried that teh candy corn would be loose, so I bought some orange frosting just in case.  I didn't need it, partly because the corns fit all the holes perfectly and partly because there was an issue with the icing sticking to the powdered doughnuts anyway.

Finally use black icing to make the coal eyes and smile.  This was the hardest part! Black icing does NOT want to stick to a powdered surface.  NOTHING wants to stick to a powdered surface.  I would pipe out a ball of frosting and it would come right back away again as I moved the icing bag away from the surface.  I ended up wiping off the powdered icing and trying again.  After one or two tries, enough powder would be removed to allow the icing to stick.  Frustrating, but that was the ONLY time consuming part.  They would have been Simple Snowmen, but the icing issue makes them only sort of simple, you have been warned!

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