Monday, December 12, 2011

Warm Woolen and Wonderful

So, I found this pink wool sweater at a thrift store.  I think it was misplaced in the kid's section of my favorite store which means I got it for 89 cents!  I also had this plain brown hat that needed a little something extra added to it's band.
First I cut the sleeves off.  I'm still not sure what else I will make out of the sweater, but this way I still have a big rectangle of fabric available.
Next, I cut the sleeve into 2 pieces.  I don't think there was any reason for the place that I divided it, maybe just close to halfway.  It didn't really matter because I had no idea how big of a flower I wanted to make.
So here is what the shoulder part of the sleeve looked like before I did anything and after I started cutting it into a scalloped shape for the petals.
I would fold the scallop back on itself and use it as a pattern for the next few scallops.
When I got back to the start, I decided that I was finished cutting.
I got a needle and thread and started sewing as I gathered and wrapped the petals.
It didn't take long until my felted wool flower was finished and my hat was decorated!

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