Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Greetings from South Carolina!

Lydia, Auntie Jen, and I are visiting a friend in South Carolina. We wandered past this art gallery looking place the other day and the sign said Kapla toys and the windows were filled with giant displays made from little wood plank like blocks. I couldn't resist going inside (I am a sucker for wooden toys)! Once inside we discovered a huge carpet filled with THOUSANDS of Kapla blocks for kids to play with however they liked. For more information on the blocks go to The only request was that we not touch the amazing inspiration statues filling the walls of the gallery as none of them were glued. You can see some of the Eiffel Tower made out of Kapla blocks in one if the photos if Lydia playing. The blocks are SO pretty, all a uniform size and shape and beautiful colors. We bought a multi colored set and have pulled it out at every restaurant so far. Apparently the store in Charleston is the first in the US. What a cool souvenir to discover at the start of our trip!

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Unknown said...

Charleston is such a great place. We just left there last week. I live about 2.5 hours away and love to travel there whenever possible. I discovered your pins on pinterest and realized I has just watched you on craft wars! cool! I'm enjoying your blog. Have a great day!