Thursday, December 15, 2011

Paper Coterie Product Credit!

One of my favorite blogs, Design Mom, is offering readers $30 in credit to Paper Coterie.  Go to Design Mom's Babble Post to get the details and then get over to Paper Coterie to shop!  They have very well designed cards, photo books, photos transferred to canvass, etc.  Since I had just ordered my Christmas cards before seeing this deal, here is what I used my credit to buy.

These "swatch cards" are six 3x3 inch photo cards that are hole punched and joined together with a little chain.  They get $18 for a set of six and I think that they mean the six cards in the one book and not 6 books.  That is a little pricey, but I suppose you get 6 cards and each can be customized in tons of different ways.  That's what, $3 per card, um.... yeah, kind of steep, unless you have $30 in credit from Design Mom!  I bought 2 so I was $6 over my credit and then had to pay shipping.  I think I will use them as ornaments or gift tags and probably not keep them as a set.   Below you can see my designs, using our recent Christmas photo shoot with the family station wagon.
 This is the front of one card.
 The backs are all this plain blue with snowflakes.  I could have added text or even pictures, but I like the idea of keeping them simple.  I can always write on them with a pen if I make them gift tags. Below are the rest of the front sides.  All the backs look the same.

And here is a little mock-up of what the finished book might look like. Thanks Design Mom!

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