Monday, November 28, 2011

Apparently Station Wagons are Trendy!

Check out the latest Vera Bradley advertisement!
I SWEAR I had not seen this until AFTER I came up with, and posted, my ideas for our "daddy wagon" centered family Christmas photo, based loosely on this birthday card.

I suppose great minds think alike!  And as long as I am thinking about Vera Bradley, let me mention my complete adoration for the zip around wallet by Vera Bradley

I have bought this same wallet for several years now.... actually ever since I became a mom.  It has room for my checkbook and my cards (ID, library, discounts, debit, etc. ALL of them) AND it has room for pictures (I think I had to buy a wallet picture holder) AND it holds my cash AND has a pocket for coins AND room for a pen.  Pretty much, it held everything that I needed from my purse.  I found that with most of my cell phones, if my wallet wasn't too cram packed, I could fit the cell phone in the coin pocket.  Now, why cram so much into a wallet?  Well, when I had to carry a diaper bag I was always shuttling things from my purse to the diaper bag.  I hated to carry both, but occasionally needed to leave the diaper bag with someone and still have my things out of it.  The wallet was the perfect solution.  Everything went in the wallet and then the wallet either went in the purse or in the diaper bag.  I NEVER had to wonder if I had my ID or phone or what was in the diaper bag and what was in my purse.

My other favorite feature of this wallet is that it has a wrist strap. If I was to just pull it out of the diaper bag, I can carry it like a purse.  I have even gotten in the habit of sliding my key ring down on the wrist strap, sliding my hand through the strap and then I can shop (or chase a child) completely  hands free. I love it, but after a year or two the fabric looks dirty... and the new styles are always SO cute that I want a new one.  (hint, hint, the pattern shown above is one of my new favorites and it is on SALE! Follow the link provided above if interested in this, or other VB products.)

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