Friday, November 25, 2011

Shopping with former Sex Workers!

I just finished my Black Friday Christmas gift shopping, from HOME!  I only bought one item (multiple times) and I feel great, not only about the deals that I got, but also about the good that I did in the world.  I bought several pairs of PUNJAMMIES
 I first heard about Punjemmies when they were metioned on one of my favorite cool mom websites, Design Mom

I immediately bought a few pairs for gifts, because I feared that Design mom devotees would snack up all the goods.  A few designs, including the Seema (which I LOVE, hint, hint), were already out of stock but there were plenty of others to choose from.  Being, what I assumed, was a small company operating out of India, I feared they might take a while for delivery and that if they did sell out, items might not be restocked again before the holidays.  I was apparently wrong.  
My order was easy to place (I only saw a few designs that were out of stock) and everything arrived at my house in a few DAYS!  When my items arrived, everything was packaged BEAUTIFULLY!  Seriously, I may not even need gift wrap because the pun-jammy pants were folded into a cloth bag made of the same material as the pants.  The fabric is authentic Indian style batik prints and many have details like intricate ribbon and wood bead trim.  Each pair is tagged with the International Princess logo and came with a beautiful brochure telling all about the program's goals.  
The International Princess Project is a non-profit group that creates jobs for women who have been rescued from sex trafficking in India. They have been around for about 5 years now and have 100 women working in 3 different sewing centers in India.  Beautiful gifts for some beautiful women in my life and it all helps women in India find a way out of the sex trade.  If you are not familiar with the pervasiveness of the problems in India, I highly recommend the documentary Born Into Brothels. It is about a photographer working with the children of sex workers in India.  I saw it on Netflix streaming, but here is a link to watch online for FREE if you don't have Netflix!
 Back to the good stuff!  Here is one more picture of the Punjammies (the nanu, yet another of my FAVORITES, hint hint), this beautiful pair was also sod out the first time I placed an order.  YES, I said FIRST time!  I was already regretting not buying more Punjammies for other people on my list, when I got an e-mail with this offer!
I woke up early today, because even when my kid is at Grammies I can't seem to sleep in.  I am SO glad I thought to get out the computer and check out the sale.  They have updated their website, making it even easier to see the selection than the last time I shopped AND they had new styles and even more larger sizes.  Unfortunately, LOTS of styles and sizes were already sold out even at 7am.  I was still able to find all that I needed because SO many of them are so special and pretty, it didn't matter if my first choice was gone.  I did not end up buying any for myself...regret...regret (hint, hint) but I am SO excited about the deals that I got and the good that my purchases will do.  Check out the Punjammies shop and the info about the non-profit behind it all.  Even if you can't get a deal today, think about it in the future.  Even at regular price and with paying shipping, you will feel SO GOOD about your purchases! 

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