Sunday, November 6, 2011

Good Stuff in the Mail!

I am SWAMPED right now!  I should be putting away all the Halloween stuff, or doing laundry.  I can't even THINK about crafting right now.  I am deep in the midst of the new TN state teacher evaluations.  Arg!  I love what I do, but this feels like a LOT of paperwork, just to be told that I "meet expectations."  Anyways, while I start on page 10 of the longest lesson plan I have ever written, enjoy some of the fun stuff that has arrived in my mailbox lately.
These "Name Bubbles" make me SO happy!  As soon as the weather turned cold here, Lydia started wearing layers to school.....and shedding layers at school....and loosing layers at school!  She arrives in one building and moves to another and gets picked up in after school care back in the first building.  She doesn't know where she left her stuff, and her teachers don't know which clothing items are hers, until NOW!
I could have just written her name on her tags, but I either give away or sell her clothing at some point and writing on it just seems messy.  Plus those tags are SMALL, so getting a name that anyone can read is tough.  Enter "Name Bubbles"!  I found them online and they claim to be laundry proof, but able to be removed if needed.
They have a TON of different shapes, sizes, and designs.  They even have a foot shaped sticker set to go inside shoes.  I picked out the small square tags, because I just need help keeping up with sweaters for now.  Once you choose your shape and size you can customize the colors an sometimes add a symbol.  They also make dishwasher safe tags for bottles, pacifiers, etc.  
I waited to post anything until I had washed her labels a few times.  Of course I did not wait to read the directions before I washed her labels, so I have one that did not get the suggested 24 hour wait time before washing the first time.  ALL of the labels, including the ones that got washed too quickly, have stayed on through numerous washings. The best thing is that ALL of her sweaters have found their way to her backpack since getting the name bubbles!   
As an added bonus, we ordered right before Halloween and were sent a free gift of pumpkin face stickers. Thanks, Name Bubbles!  You made both myself AND my pumpkin's smile!

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