Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

We took our family pictures for our Christmas card tonight! I am so late getting to this that they are going to be New Years cards instead of Christmas cards. Oh well! New Years fits our theme better anyways! I am trying not to show off the finished card until it gets mailed ( or at least printed!) If you saw this post, you ready have a good idea of where we were headed.

I spent some time today gathering leggings, tights, t-shirts, shorts, all on coordinating colors. Then I gathered the capes and other super hero stuff that I made recently. I just made sure the colors coordinated and I was free to layer up the looks.

The backdrop required a little painting to create the buildings. I made one long strip of skyline and then cut the top edge to finish it off.

My favorite detail are the clouds, made from a few handfuls of stuffing!

But my favorite FAVORITE thing is the finished design for our card. For now, I'm just showing this teaser, with a promise to reveal the real deal soon.

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