Sunday, December 9, 2012

Custom Coordinated Pajamas

I found this shirt and pajama pants at Goodwill for $1 each. I liked the colors and thought that they coordinated well. The problem is they are both a kids size 10 and Lydia wears a 6.

So I bought them planning to alter them as a Christmas gift for Lydia. I started by laying the pants next to a pair that currently fits her. The waist was close in size, so I just needed to shorten the hem.

I could have cut the extra off of the bottom, but then I would have lost the cute ruffle detail on the edge.

Instead, I folded the bottom edge up so that I could sew through the center and then cut off the extra above the ruffle.

Below is the finished, shortened pajama pant.

To further coordinate the set, I took the extra strip of fabric that was cut off the pants and attached it to the sleeve.

I sewed it right sides together so that when I flipped it over I got a nice finished edge.

The raw edge got tucked inside and edge stitched together. In about thirty minutes, I had a custom coordinated pajama set for just $2!

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