Thursday, December 27, 2012

"Home is Where the Heart Is" Easy Wall Hanging

I love it when a project comes together in an absurdly easy way, especially when you have an absurdly short amount if time!

I wanted to make something for my brother and his wife for Christmas, but I have been so busy with the baby and returning to work that everything was left until the last minute.

I wanted to make a sign or some type of wall art because they just moved and bought a new house. I saw these wooden three part frames and Walmart and they gave me an idea.

My brother and sister-in-law have now lived in three places since they got married. So I decided to use three maps to create this piece. First I painted the frame.

Next I cut three maps so that the cities they have lived in were centered in the frames.

The frames came with a plain wire hanger. (Mommy Dearest says "No more wire hangers!") So, I unhooked the wire and strung some beads.

I hung a few heart beads on the top and bottom frame. I thought about adding more embellishments or the words "Home is where the heart is", but decided that I liked it just the way it is. Besides, at this point it was 2 days before Christmas and I still had a long list of projects to finish!

If you are making this for a couple that haven't lived in three places it could be fun to do something like this but with a picture of the couple in the center and a map of where each person was born. This frame could also be used for pictures of each parent and a picture of their baby in the center.

The possibilities are endless, but the time you will spend decorating this frame is absurdly short!

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