Monday, December 10, 2012

Mr. Raccoon

I bought Joshua this super cute Sozo brand racoon hat from Zulily. When it finally arrived, I realized that I didn't really have an outfit for it to go with. I was really bummed out because I had just seen a nice grey and black striped shirt at Goodwill a day before and thought it would make a cute outfit, but wasn't remembering the hat order, so I didn't buy it.

Luckily, I was able to find the shirt the next day and, even better, it was on sale for $1! I found a plain white t-shirt in Joshua's closet and had the idea to make striped pants and striped long sleeves poping out from the short sleeves.

I felt like the plain white shirt needed some kind of fun raccoon themed detail, but couldn't decide. I found a few ideas via google images and then it hit me... A striped tie! And then it hit me again.... Not just a striped tie, a raccoon TAIL tie!

I cut a wedge off the shirt and quickly free hand cut a raccoon tail shape.

I used the sleeves as the pant leg and used a brown pair if baby pants as the pattern.

I used a baby long sleeve shirt as the pattern for the long sleeve layers I was planning to add. Because both the legs and the sleeves were already hemmed, I had very little to sew. Less than an hour after I started, this outfit is just waiting for me to buy some elastic for the waste band.

He's not just a raccoon, he's the fabulous Mr. Raccoon!


Jenni's Whimsies said...

It must be totally cool to be your kid! You are so creative and I love how you think outside of the box. And I don't think it looks like a prisoner, definitely a spunky raccoon!

Lorrie McCullers said...

Absolutely adorable!