Friday, November 16, 2012

 For the past two years, my Christmas cards have been printed by Shutterfly and I have been SO happy with the results.  Our 2010 family card was exactly what I wanted AND Shutterfly did a promotion where bloggers could get a major discount on their cards if they wrote about their experiences with Shutterfly.
 Last year, I knew that I was making a VERY SPECIAL Christmas card that was going to announce a VERY Special surprise to family and friends.  I wanted it to look like a normal family card on the outside, but have a special picture telling our good news on the inside.  It was a HUGE success!  I loved watching friends ooooh and ahhhh at the front of the card, then open it, look for a moment and then squeal at the inside!
Not only did Shutterfly allow us to place a picture on the INSIDE of a card, they allowed us to place multiple pictures inside the card.  I had hoped to get a photo of all three of us holding our signs, but when that didn't work out, I was able to use two separate photos of Lydia with her sign and PJ and I with our signs.  I actually like it this way SO much better than what I originally envisioned, but it wouldn't have been possible with out Shutterfly's flexible layouts.
One final wonderful thing about last year's card was that I was even able to add a picture to teh BACK of the card.  Our whole idea for our Christmas photo shoot was to show off the station wagon that my husband rebuilt.  However, when I switched to 2 pictures on the inside, that switched it to a vertical layout for the card and I chose the closer vertical view of our family.  Again, I actually liked that better than my original idea because you could see us better.  But, I still wanted to show off the car.  So I was able to put this horizontal image on the back of the card, such a fun detail!
 Speaking of fun, its time to plan THIS year's Christmas card!  Can you guess what I am thinking about?  I've been collecting images from the internet to inspire what I hope to do with my own kids.
 We now have TWO kids to factor into the picture.  Working with the dog is also an option.  I am also open to the idea that the grown ups may sit this one out.  Who knows what will actually happen on the day we take the pictures!  I like the idea of a paper backdrop like the picture above, because then at least I don't have to worry about the weather on the day we take our pictures!
I am planning on sewing a few choice pieces of clothing for this year's photos.
And I have to come up with some poses that work with a baby who can't hold himself up yet....
Next will come the difficult job of selecting just the right design from all the amazing layouts at Shutterfly.  What I won't have to do is worry about the price, because today on Zulily they had a dead for about half off your holiday card order!!! Thanks Zulily and thanks Shutterfly for reminding me that it is time to get my holiday cards started!

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