Sunday, November 18, 2012

Daddy's New Wheels!

PJ has been working on this bike since summer. It started as a regular two wheel bike that was about as old as the bike that PJ made for me.

He made it into a three wheel bike so that it could accommodate the baby. That's Joshua's actual car seat and it clicks in just like it clicks into the base in the car!

That light, apparently it is a headlight off an old car!

Those wheels aren't just white walked tires, they are solid white tires! We will see how they look after a few miles, but they are awful pretty for now.

The bike is a copper rust metallic color with orange accents.

It still has an old decal that is original to the bike.

There are these futuristic bullet shaped blinkers on either side of the car seat in the back.

Both Joshua and PJ seem content with the stylish new ride!

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