Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thanksgiving Kids' Table Crafts!

As seen on WBIR's Live at Five at Four, here are the directions for crafting up a Thanksgiving Kids Table guaranteed to entertain and engage the little ones.

Get a brown paper lunch bag and a white piece of paper. I rolled the paper around a marker to get it the right size. I used the whole piece of paper on this example, but found it was too long (it is 11 inches as shown). I suggest cutting the paper in half and rolling it do that the finished paper tube is 5.5 inches. You can leave the marker inside the paper roll. Glue or tape the paper to stay rolled up.

Cut 2-3 inches off the top of the bag and save it for later.

Gather some goodies and was them up in a ball of tissue paper. Place the treat ball inside the paper bag.

Here's the tricky part. You need to push in the corners at the bottom of the bag so it looks less square and more round. I put one hand inside the bag and pushed in with my finger. I also used my thumb and index finger to push two corners in at once. Push in all four corners.

Insert the white paper tube into the bag. Then crumple the open end of the brown bag around the tube.

Cut the extra paper from the top of the bag into a one inch strip and use it to glue the open end closed by wrapping it around the paper bag that is gathered around the tube.

Glue two cotton balls to the end of the paper tube to create the end of the bone. The treat filled turkey leg is complete.

For the corn, select treats that fit the corn shape, basically rectangular. I used a pack of crackers and some markers. Wrap them in a rectangle of yellow tissue paper. Use a little glue to hold it together and twist the ends.

Take a rectangle of green tissue paper and cut the end into multiple points. Add a little glue to hold it together and twist the end to finish.

Set your kids table with paper placemats, a real plate, and silverware. The kids can play with the pretend food and then enjoy tearing it open and playing with what's inside!

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