Thursday, November 8, 2012

Crafty Catch Up

How is it that Thanksgiving is just around the corner already?!? Somehow I have lost a few days or weeks. I have all these pictures on my phone to remind me of all that has been going on, but there has been little blogging, face booking, tweeting, emailing, or texting of any of it. So, here is a little catch up, with a lot of cute but very little crafty. Sorry.

Baby update: Joshua is now four months old, thirteen pounds, and still completely bald! He is holding his head up well enough to try out a few fun toys, like the doorway bouncer seat.

I shared lots about our homemade circus costumes, but never showed our family all dressed up. PJ was out of town on Halloween, so that makes the group shot a little harder. Thankfully we had one dress up event before he left.

We took a trip to the pumpkin patch in mid October. I fantasized about getting good pictures of Lydia and Joshua in the pumpkin patch, but it just wasn't happening!

Here's a good picture of the Lydia and Joshua pumpkins. I placed an order with Name Bubbles for labels for Joshua's daycare items and got free pumpkin stickers. Lydia absolutely loved it!

We had our last soccer game... Which was also our first rainy game. We went home and stayed by the fireplace all day after that!

Another first; we went Trick or Treating in a real neighborhood for the first time! Lydia decided to be Tinker Bell with items from her dress up dresses.

Finally, Joshua got all dressed up for election day. Unfortunately he was all dressed up with nowhere to go due to a bad cold, but he looked good watching the election results at home.

And that should just about catch us up for late October and Early November.

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