Friday, January 6, 2012

Merry Christmas to ME!

While I didn't get around to making as many Christmas gifts as usual this year, I am SO excited about the gift that my husband made for ME!  We were at a Target store a few months before Christmas and PJ was already asking what I wanted, when I spotted this bike and my head was filled with images of riding in parks and having picnics. 
 I told him that I really liked that bike and even thought it matched our station wagon nicely.  I probably said that I wanted a basket on the handle bars or something, but pretty much there it was, shopping done.  PJ responded by pointing out that he had tons of old bikes at his shop and he could make me a bike.  I'm pretty sure I tried to sway him towards the nice shiny, non rusted, non rotted, non infested bike right there at Target. He responded by showing me the bikes at his shop, which probably led me to reiterate how nice the Target bike looked.
Thankfully, PJ knew better and he got his hands on the white and blue bike on the right of the picture.  The bike was purchased by his grandfather's sister long long ago.  I think it ended up at the shop when she was cleaning out he house to sell it a few years ago.  He cleaned and fixed and re-painted and re-chromed every inch of the bike.
The bike is now a beautiful two toned green with champagne accents and red pin striping to match the red handle bars and the red Western Flyer decal.
 He added a beautiful leather seat,a nice big wicker basket, and beautiful white wall tires.  He added a few "PJ custom effects", like the B from his company logo (B-rod or Custom).
 It is so much better than anything you could buy from a store.  It is one of a kind.  It was made with love and I am in awe that it is mine!

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Natalie said...

That bike is WAY cooler than the target bike and the color suits you so well! My dad made my first "big girl" bike and it was special to have a custom design that no one else had, even though it weighed twice as much! Super cool! Now, you know what would be even cooler? An uploaded video of you riding it around July!! Lol!