Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sharpie Saddle Shoes!

We have a sock hop at our church tomorrow. I have been fighting a nasty cold for a week so I haven't had any energy to think about fun fifties outfits. Today I felt too crummy to focus on grading or planning during my lunch period so I made a quick trip to the Salvation Army near my school to see if anything spoke to me.
 I found these white leather lace up Keds in Lydia's size for $3 and decided that they would make excellent saddle shoes. I used a Sharpie marker, similar to how I made Lydia's zebra shoes over the summer.
 I found a picture online to help get the shape right, but mostly I just followed the stitching.
 I used a white paint pen to add some dot details on the edges like I saw on several of the saddle shoe examples.
 I literally spent TEN MINUTES per shoe.  When I finished with one show, I lined it up next to the other shoe and used it to plan a matching design.
I am SO happy with the results!
I had big plans to make a poodle skirt to go with these, but when I got home I remembered a pink and black crinoline tutu skirt that looks perfectly fifties.  
With the time that I saved NOT making a skirt, I was able to use the Sharpie to make a little something for myself.  More on that project soon!

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