Saturday, July 23, 2011

Zebra Shoes!

Here is the inspiration.
I had intended to wait and buy a pair of Keds and try making these for Lydia's birthday next year.  Then I remembered these plain boring white shoes in Lydia's closet.  Lydia almost NEVER wears white shoes.  These were bought by mistake and never returned.  They were cheap so I didn't worry too much, but they also were destined to never be worn.  
 Because they were cheap and probably never going to be worn anyways, I didn't worry too much about using them to test out the zebra shoe idea of just drawing on white shoes with a sharpie marker.
Here they are in progress.  These shoes are patten leather-ish so the sharpie went on super easy.  hopefully it won't come off equally easy.  If they are going to look terrible within a short time of putting them on, I want to know that now.
In about 5 minutes I had a perfectly custom pair of little girls zebra shoes.  I bought a beautiful pair of zebra print heels for myself last year and now I can't wait for the perfect occasion for a little mother/daughter shoe styling!

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