Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little Debbie Mini Cakes!

My sister mention that it would be fun to have a birthday cake made out of Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies. At the time, we were on the Good Shepherd mission trip to South Dakota and eating Little Debbies after every meal.  I forgot how much I liked them!
I have to say, if you like Little Debbie, you will LOVE eating a mini cake made from 3 of them!
The making of the cake was SO simple, just stack and frost.  I was so happy to have a perfectly uniform shape as opposed to some uneven thing that I had to bake!  I thought 3 snack cakes frosted and stacked gave the proportions of a regular sized cake, just on a miniature scale.  Oatmeal Creme Pies come 12 to a box, so my decision resulted in 4 mini cakes.
I LOVED that I could skip right to the decorating and I tried my best to think of it like a "real" cake.  I had a much better result when I did a crumb coating first and then a smooth layer of frosting.
I have learned, both in cakes and in art, smooth surfaces are the most difficult and HAVE to be PERFECT.  If you add a lot of decoration, it actually helps hide your mistakes, so you can be LESS talented if you do a ton of designs and not the other way around.  Also I had some pink frosting left over from the clam cookies at Lydia's birthday party so this seemed like a good excuse to use it up.
I added some sprinkles to the top and a candle to complete the look (and keep the Saran wrap from touching the frosting).  We had a group of 7 enjoy the cakes and still had one left over.  My sister seemed to really like them so I ssuppose next year I will need to concoct something from a Little Debbie Star Crunch!

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