Friday, July 1, 2011

Mission Trip Day 7

Wow!  I can't believe it has been a whole week since we headed to South Dakota.  Today was supposed to be our last working half day, with some sight seeing scheduled for the afternoon.  However, the storms last night meant lingering rain this morning so we scratched that plan.  It worked out well, because none of the kids slept well last night so a lazy morning was much appreciated.
 When we did finally get going we drove to Holy Innocents, the church where our group worked for a week on their last trip.  The church was locked so we took a quick group photo and checked out the remains of our labor.  Most were impressed with how good the place looked compared to how they had found it two years ago.
 We planned to visit a museum, but it was closed.  So we ventured to a local art gallery and store called Soldier Woman.  I saw so many BEAUTIFUL things, but none in my price range, so I settled for taking pictures of the raku pottery and star quilts.
 Several members of our group went golfing next, while many of the kids took naps and played cards.  Jen and I headed back to Valentine Nebraska to check out Main Street.
 They have little hearts on all the street signs and painted hearts on the side walk.  I LOVE Valentine!
 This is just a random old truck/store sign, but I couldn't resist taking a picture of it.  I LOVE small town main streets!
 We returned to the kids playing cards with Domingo.  We LOVE that kid!  If you go to Good Shepherd, you will here us saying WWDD? (What Would Domingo Do?) because he was SO polite and observant and respectful and patient.  I can not say enough about him and am SO grateful we had the blessing of his fellowship.  We will miss him when we head out tomorrow, but it will also feel SO good to be heading home!

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