Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Counting My Blessings

I was planning to get back to sharing pictures and ideas from Lydia's birthday party, but I just don't feel like party talk right now.  A sweet friend who was a year behind me in high school posted an obituary on Facebook earlier this week.  Not looking too closely, I assumed it was a relative, maybe an older uncle or something.  At some point I noticed the dates, the loved one who passed was only 29.  Maybe a brother in law?  My heart sank as I realized what my brain did not want to grasp.  My high school friend lost her husband this weekend.  Their young son lost his father. I can't even imagine her grief.  I don't even want to acknowledge that these things can happen to people so young, to people like me. 

I'll let you know more about Lydia's party soon, but for now I will say an extra prayer for Jenny and her son, pay extra attention to motorcyclists on the road, and take an extra opportunity to sing the praises of my husband.  I didn't know Jenny's husband (we only re-connected via facebook recently) but I am certain all who knew him have a list of what made him special.  It's a shame that sometimes tragedy has to strike before we tell people how special they are.  I hope PJ and I have decades upon decades to find new reasons why we love each other.  For now, here is a special recognition of PJ Burchett, my husband, ...

... a man who.....I am convinced took his wedding vows seriously.  I was not , however, so certainthat he would honor the agreement NOT to smash the wedding cake in my face;
... a man who.... literally provides for the roof above our heads (building, maintaining, and adding on to our beautiful home) even when that means cleaning the gunky funk out of the shower drain;
... a man who.... will literally move mountains (and top soil, and gravel, and large plants) when needed.  (The fact that heavy machinery is required is just a perk of the job!);
 ....a man who.... I have seen overcome setbacks, pull himself up, and overcome obstacles great and small.
 .... a man who.... makes life an adventure;
and most importantly..... a man who.... gave me the greatest gift and proves to be the greatest dad.

We are fortunate to have you in our lives, PJ Burchett, and we need you here for a long, long time so eat your vegetables and wear your seat belt and know that you are loved.

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