Friday, January 20, 2012

Pink Lady Project

Can you guess what I am wearing to the church sock hop tonight? 
I found this pink jeans jacket at the Salvation Army for $5 and knew I could turn it into a Pink Lady outfit from the movie Grease!  I thought I was going to need to buy some black fabric paint and that concerned me because I wouldn't get to the store until Friday during lunch and that stuff takes 12-24 hours to dry.
After using the Sharpie on Lydia's saddle shoes, I decided to give it a try on the jacket.  I tested the ink on an inside pocket to make sure it didn't run or smear on the pink fabric.  Once I knew that it would be OK, I wrote Pink Ladies on the back of the jacket in thin plain cursive.
Next, I outlined selective areas to get a thicker, fancier look similar to what I saw in internet reference pictures.  The heart dotting the "i" was all my idea!
Here is the finished back of the jacket.
I decided that I needed a few fun details on the front as well.  Since I am currently "knocked up" I felt it was only appropriate to wear Rizzo's jacket!
I added a smaller Pink Ladies logo on the other side and picked out some cute accessories to complete the look.  I will post some pictures of Lydia and I in our matching fifties inspired outfits after we attend the sock hop. Hoppy  Friday!

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Stephanie said...

My fave project yet, but of course you'll always win me over with a Grease theme! You've gone wild with the Sharpie this week!