Saturday, October 27, 2012

Zombie Prom Party Decorations!

Yesterday we hosted a Zombie Prom themed Halloween party at our house. So today, while I start taking DOWN all the decorations, let me show you all that we did!

When you entered, we had a balloon arch! My husband made it, while I was being negative and telling him it wouldn't work. (he's a saint!)

We wanted zombies, lots of zombies, so I drew some on large sheets of white paper. Friends and family members painted them black like a silhouette and then hung them in just about EVERY window.

Here's PJ taping a zombie to the outside of the French doors in our sunroom.

More zombies, and this is still in our sunroom, but check out the gym floor! The whole idea of the party was that our house was a zombie high school. The prom was, of course, held in the gym! Since our sunroom floor is still unfinished subfloor, it wasn't a problem to paint the floor orange. This was all my husband's doing. He even laid down black duct tape lines to make it authentic! Way to commit to a theme, Honey!

Also in the Gym, we had a bar with a skeleton bar tender. The best part is that the bar is a COFFIN!!!! My sister MADE it for me!!!! Best early birthday present EVER!

Ok, next to PJ making a basketball court and my sister making a life sized coffin, this is LAME. I made some SIGNS! Ha! They seemed cute until everyone in my family started showing off! They are zombie themed and cute if that helps. One says there is a blood drive on Tuesday and another announces an all you can eat blood buffet on Wednesday! Cute, huh? (have I mentioned that I am sleep deprived from nursing a baby all night?)

The signs were taped to "bulletin boards" that I made. I covered every large mirror and framed painting with paper and then taped up the signs. The cafeteria bulletin board has a zombie food pyramid (all brains)!

Next to the gym, I created a wall of school sports team photos. I found a bunch of vintage team photos and then photoshopped dark eyes and stretched out parts. I even used the clone stamp to sever a few limbs!

Speaking of photos, we made our empty (about to be renovated) bedroom into the backdrop for prom pictures. Our ideas for the backdrop never really panned out so hubby bought a plastic wall decoration from the party store. It was pretty cool and way easy! My sister took the pictures and printed them during the party. She even created a Zombie Prom 2012 banner to superimpose on the pictures! She's awfully talented!

That's me and my date.... Till death (or the zombie horde) tear us apart! And that's all for the Zombie Prom decorations!


Anonymous said...

An awesome prom. I like the DIY attitude.

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