Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sewing a Strong Man Costume!

When I made Joshua a mustache pacifier a month or so ago, I got the idea of making it part of his Halloween costume.

I searched the Internet for inspiration and quickly found the beautiful tattooed strong men dolls by Mimi Kirchner. I love SO much about her work!

A lucky break came in the form of that striped romper. I found it at a thrift store and it was exactly as you see it in the costume, sleeveless with long pants. I didn't have to change anything! I just added parts from a flesh colored knit shirt that was also found at a thrift store to be the outer skin of the strong man's muscles.

I was able to use sharpie markers to add chest hairs and tattoos to the skin fabric.

I thought for a while about different ways to sculpt the actual muscles. In the end it was a simple solution. I cut the sleeves off of a long sleeve shirt that was getting a little small.

So with one sleeve inside the other, I just inserted a little blob of stuffing between the two layers. I could shape it however I needed and it stayed in place without any sewing!

The belt hardware came off an old belt that didn't fit anymore. The red fabric was a wool sweater that accidentally got washed and shrunk.

And here is the outfit all put together on our little strongman! That's the tattooed lady holding him. More on that costume later.

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Traci said...

Omg he is too stinkin cute! Lol this cracks me up! I love it!