Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Addition

I mentioned needing to decide on the siding for our addition, but I don't think I have shown much on the actual building that is going on.

PJ built our house so the idea that he is currently working on a re-build of our house doesn't seem strange to us. (He was a single guy in his twenties when he started the home that is now occupied by a family of four, so a few adjustments don't seem unreasonable.)

This is the back of the house, once occupied by three different decks that were rarely used. This picture shows the footprint of the addition. Basically, the area where two decks were is being replaced by actual living space. On the ground floor we are getting a family room/ sun room and a little extra space connected to our master bedroom. Upstairs, there was a small deck accessible by a set of french doors. Those doors will now lead to a new bedroom. Prior to the addition we only had one real bedroom for the kids. What we use as a nursery is a space that you have to walk through to get to the bathroom. Now that small space will become a shared playroom.

Here is the addition as of last spring.

PJ was working really hard this summer to get the big stuff done before the baby arrived (the addition is adjacent to the nursery). He had to take a break for the last few months, but was able to get the drywall done while I was out of town with the kids last week.

Now he is painting and putting up light fixtures! Today I got to pick out the carpet for the new upstairs room! Since part of the downstairs renovation connects to our bedroom, I think we are going to temporarily move upstairs and into the new room.

But eventually, I think Lydia will win the rights to the big new bedroom.

With her in mind, we are building a window seat with lights for reading and storage in the bench.

Above the door, there is even a special little hide away nook (currently housing a large green ball). It has windows (currently stuffed with insulation) on either side because her daddy wants her to see a view of the sun and the moon from her bed.

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