Friday, October 19, 2012

Dairy Tour

Today Lydia's school was closed for fall break and I decided we needed to take a little field trip.

I often drive past the signs for Mayfield Dairy when I head down to Chattanooga. It's about an hour away from our house, but (more importantly) it is ten minutes past the most AMAZING place to buy discount upholstery fabric. I just happened to have one more upholstery project to finish before my maternity leave ends next week. So we headed out for a day of fabric shopping and dairy touring.

We couldn't take pictures on the actual tour as it was against FDA regulations. Also against FDA regulations, anyone and I mean ANYONE going with out a hair net!

Apparently, having real cows at the dairy must also be against regulations because we never saw one.

We saw tons of fake cows.

But no real cows.... And no ice cream making. Apparently that part of the tour has been shut down for a while.

There was ice cream, for sale, after the tour. In fact they had a few flavors that are not sold in stores, so that was cool.

Mostly it was a pretty day and it was fun to go somewhere out of the ordinary. I'm so lucky that I got to go with two extraordinary traveling companions!

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