Thursday, October 18, 2012

Move In Day!

I haven't had to move in a long long time and for that I am grateful! However, today we moved all of our bedroom furniture upstairs to the new bedroom so that we can finish the first floor addition, which includes major alterations to our bedroom.

The furniture that was in our bedroom always looked too massive for the small bedroom it was in, but in this room it seems like a good fit.

The mirror that goes above the dresser is the only piece that didn't fit in the new space.

And there are still areas of the new room that are not finished, like the window seat, but we are moved in and sleeping in the new space. It is so weird to be right next to the nursery and outside of the original footprint of the house.

Mostly I am loving the new space and especially enjoying sleeping on the same floor as the kids, once they actually are asleep that is!

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