Saturday, September 15, 2012

This Weekend

This weekend began early with the Goodwill Vintage Fashion Show and Sale on Thursday night.

A friend had free tickets (score!) so we splurged and spent the extra $5 to get into the pre-sale. WOW! Picture a tiny room, overflowing with vintage and designer finds, at GOODWILL PRICES!!!

I was overwhelmed and unprepared! The room was so crowded and you had to carry all your finds through the tight aisles. It was hot and by the end I had a pair of shoes, 2 coats, a sweater, a pair of gloves, a wool skirt, a sparkly prom dress (this year's Halloween party theme is Zombie Prom!), a yellow tuxedo jacket, and this......

It has three faces, three tails, twelve paws, and I got it for four dollars! I know, cruelty to animals, but these guys died long ago for someone who loved them very much (it's monogrammed and everything!) I originally grabbed it for my zombie prom outfit, I mean how cool would it be if my accessories were ALSO zombies! ( Imagine this thing biting my neck!) Anyway, I'm falling in love with whatever species these guys are so I may save then from the bloodbath of zombie prom.

Friday, Lydia went to the fair with her grandparents and I went to a fascinating talk at my church about The Enneagram System of personality traits. The whole idea is about understanding your motivations for your behaviors and also realizing that the people around you probably see the world and react to it based on their own very different motivations. It was really interesting and I think I know which I one I am but I plan on learning more.

Saturday started with another soccer game for Lydia. PJ, Nana, and Pop Pop were all able to come watch her this week.

The competition was much closer in age and skill level this time so there was a lot more back and forth in the game. Lydia even scored a REAL GOAL that counted in the game!

Next we visited a chalk drawing contest. I was asked to help judge (based on my Craft Wars brush with super stardom) but there wasn't a very big turn out. So Lydia got to draw and we were able to leave early.

Lydia got another prize for 50+ stars on her behavior chart and added a few accessories that she got at the fair. She is currently napping in that outfit and I may have a fight on my hands to get her out of it for dinner at a local steakhouse to celebrate Pop Pop's birthday!

And while the big one sleeps, the little one and I have been practicing cooing and smiling! We have a week full of family coming into town and preparations for a baptism next week, so I intend to enjoy a little more of the fun stuff today!

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Anonymous said...

After watching both seasons of The Walking Dead, my 11 year old, Laura, is dead set (haha) on being a zombie for Halloween this year. Hope you'll share ideas, especially any you have on makeup. I have some ideas, but don't know how it will all come together.
I'd like to attend the Goodwill show sometime. Sounds fun and sounds like you scored big time.

Jenni H