Saturday, September 8, 2012


For the first few months of Lydia's life, we tried to take a picture of her next to the same object for a visual record if her growth. The novelty wore off at some point and I haven't bothered to do the same with Joshua.

However, there have been several moments over the past two months where Joshua will do something and I have a moment of deja-vu when I can see an image of big sister Lydia doing something similar at the same age.

Because this blog is conveniently organized, labeled, dated, and searchable I have had the pleasure of looking back to when Lydia was the same age as Joshua and find the similar pictures for comparison.

I haven't staged these photos, but I do have the benefit if searching through them all to put the best examples side by side. I don't plan on spending all of Joshua's life comparing him to Lydia ( just like I am no longer comparing her to that doll). I am sure that a lot of this has a lot to do with developmental milestones and that any kid at around 2 months will start reaching with alternating legs and arms.

It has been kind of neat to have the blog to give me a heads up about the milestones that are on the horizon. I now find myself looking back by four years and realizing that if Lydia was doing or playing with something at two months, then Joshua is probably getting ready for that as well. (It's like my own red headed baby blog version of What to Expect!)

I don't know what point I'm trying to make here. Partly, this blog started as a way to show relatives what my new baby was up to and, even though it is now much more about the crafty thing I do with and for my kids, I feel like I still need to devote some space to showing what the new baby is doing. Also, I am having more and more of these surreal moments where time seems to fold over itself as I see Lydia today doing something that takes me back to baby or toddler Lydia. Now that Joshua is here, add in several moments where he does something that takes me back to baby Lydia and my vision is often flooded with deja-vu. I assume that it will only increase as the kids get older and you add in that they will also do things that remind me of MYSELF at their age. I'm just in awe of how similar we can all be, how your mind can call up long forgotten moments, and how happy it makes me to feel so connected to these two people whom I love so much.

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