Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Five Minute Fix for a Reversible Skirt

A friend of mine bought this reversible Harajuku Mini skirt from Target.

Well actually, she bought two of this Harajuku Mini skirt from Target, one in a smaller size and one in a larger size because, while the skirt is reversible, the elastic waist is NOT adjustable!

Her daughter loved it and wanted to wear it to school NOW while the weather was still warmer, but she was between sizes. They asked if I could help (at the same time that they handed me a ton of their old soccer gear for Lydia). The goal was to alter the larger of the skirts so that it fit better and still looked good on both sides. I also wanted to find a way that the skirt could later be adjusted to its larger size later as the child grew.

What I came up with was fast and effective. I folded the elastic waist band over itself to the desired size. This created a little pleat on the edge of the fold on both the inside and the outside. I positioned it so the fold from the pleat was in the side of the skirt and just looked like they were part of the side seam. Then I sewed buttons to the outer edge of both the inside and to the outside of this flap.

The buttons are not functional. They are mostly decorative and make the pleat look like a side seam closure. What the buttons are REALLY doing is making it easy to find the place where I sewed the skirt together. That way, when the daughter outgrows the new smaller size of the skirt, the mom just has to cut the string behind the buttons. The buttons will fall off and the skirt will go back to its original size!

This little trick took about 5 minutes to sew the four buttons in place, but it should allow this skirt to be worn now and for a few more seasons to come.

It also allowed me a small gesture of gratitude for the generous gift of all this great soccer gear for Lydia. Lydia has watched these older children play soccer and she is SO excited to finally have a turn to play!