Sunday, September 30, 2012

I Want a Vitamix!

My cousin has been telling us about her Vitamix and I think I am a convert! She had us over for dinner and almost everything was made in it.

We had a roasted red pepper soup first. The raw ingredients went into the machine and after a few minutes, not only was it blended velvety smooth, it was HOT! Something about the speed of the blending and science and stuff. All I know is it was nutritious and warm and delicious.

There was talk of some really delicious margaritas, but we skipped that as the night was getting long. Instead, she made us strawberry ice cream. Frozen strawberries, a little milk and some sugar blended for just a short time and we were done. It was SO good!

I don't think I've eaten so many fruits and vegetables in one meal, or seen a meal prepared so quickly. After each use, the Vitamix was cleaned by running some soapy water through a blending and it was ready to go again. It sounds like the Vitamix can handle just about anything...... But if you mix bass in it, then you get a Dan Acroyd SNL sketch and NOT a tasty dinner!

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Lynn Howard said...

Cheryl, I found a vintage vita-mix on Craigs List for $100. It works great! The woman I bought it from said she bought it with great ambitions, but fast food was easier. I think it had been put away for 15 or twenty years. It's the old stainless steel model with the pour spout. I had been longing for one for about 20 years, but could never justify spending the money for a new one. I hope you find one soon.