Sunday, September 9, 2012

Soccer Saturday was a Success!

Lydia had her first soccer game on Saturday. I wasn't sure how it would go since NO ONE at our house had ever played on a soccer team before!

All I knew was you wore shin guards with long socks. (I did know that the guards go on UNDER the socks!) Lydia apparently knew that THIS is how a soccer girl poses for pre-game pictures. Really? Why the attitude?

She also was convinced that you do "touch downs" in soccer (by LITERALLY touching down to the ground)! I tried to explain that touchdowns were for football (hmmm in other countries isn't soccer called football? Could THAT be the start if the miscommunication?) but she wouldn't hear it from me. I decided to pick my battles and focus on repeating that we don't get points for "knocking people down" in soccer either. GEESH! Where is she getting this stuff?!?

Luckily, she has a coach and thankfully it isn't me! (they were short on coaches and so it almost was me) This woman is a SAINT and (even though she has another little kid and she also didn't know much about soccer) she volunteered and we have a coach! (Go Team Evans! And thank you coach Evans!)

So Lydia got a team jersey and (thankfully) lost the attitude and was ready to do what the coaches told her (but not what her mommy and aunti yelled from the sidelines).

She actually did pretty well! Her team is four brand new four year olds. They played a team of mostly second year five year olds and one four whose whole family had been playing soccer for generations, apparently. The other team towered over Lydia and scored like crazy, but our kids still got some time with the ball.

Regardless of how we knew the game was going, the kids were oblivious. I was very glad that Lydia never got upset that the other team was winning. She was just happy to run after the ball.

The other team even held back as much as they could and let our kids get a few goals. Lydia kept saying "I want to win"... To the other team... While trying to get the ball! The look on her face when she got a goal (they totally let her) was priceless! GOOOOAAALLLLL!

At the end of the game, there was a high five tunnel made up of all the parents.(.... Oh and there were snacks!) she was SO proud of herself for being a REAL soccer girl. I am proud if her for being a team player and a good sport. Way to go #6!!!

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